The pursuit of our vegan restaurant

To using what grows. To trying new things. To widening the palette. To things well made. To exciting every day. To a different taste. To a balanced diet. To make a choice. To make it matter.

To be more you.

At Magu we believe in plant-based living. We want to help people to simply be more plant. Our weapon is serving vegan food that makes you take notice.

Our story started in 2017 with the passion for a more sustainable future and good food -  but we had growing to do. In 2021 the passion is still there. Strengthened by our Head Chef Felipe Moya in 2020, and increasing with every vegan plate we create. 

An ecological approach on and off the plate

The Magu menu highlights local produce with seasonal thinking. Produce on the plate is sourced in its natural growing season. What grows now determines the menu. 

Let Me Wine delivers us organically grown, additive-free and minimally processed natural wines. For a non-alcoholic option we have expertly brewed kombucha, from our downstairs neighbours Nokka (Arctic).

Minimizing food waste is the backbone of everything we create. We designed our recycling with a consultant and continually strive to improve further.


We continue to develop our preserving methods, to bring us even more produce and creativity in the future.

Not only the food and drinks are produced with the earth, our ecological footprint and minimalism in mind. All of the kitchen appliances are second cycle where possible, and furniture sourced and restored to bring items back to life.


In addition, we use glassware created from old mineral water and beer bottles, and make agreements with suppliers to minimize all plastic and cardboard. 


A plant only takes what it needs. Be more plant. 

magu_felipe201014_97 (1).jpg

Felipe Moya - the man behind the mastery 

Felipe Moya, Magu´s Chilean chef, has seen a lot of what the Finnish restaurant scene has to offer and has left his own mark on it. 

Moya has worked across Michelin star restaurants, European and several Asian cuisine inspired restaurants, such as Farang, Pastor and Pure Bistro. Moya is familiar with many different food cultures and is not afraid to mix them together. 


Magu is not the first restaurant where he has been responsible for bringing together the whole menu. His passion for plant-based food blessed us with his presence. 

Moya wishes to first make the customer eat with their eyes. He sets off to create a meal by combining colours and then looking for the best flavours. 

All of the flavours are respected in their natural form so that they get to live fully. 

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