Catering Menu

This is an example of the dishes we can offer over the coming weeks, but we are more than happy to create a menu that fits your particular event or needs.

Small Plates

Roast Endive with pickled chanterelle, lentil Beluga paté.

Yuzu fruit with daikon, turmeric oat cream cheese and wasabi edamame.

Roast celeriac with celeriac puree, satay and teriyaki, tamarind peanut.

Beetroot with pickled beetroot puree, vegan feta and smoked crème fraiche.

Roast broccolini with pistachio nut and butterbean puree.



Chili sin carne, chipotle sauce, Beyond protein, avocado puree, sweet potato, fermented chili sauce and coriander.

Ravioli with fermented portobello mushroom and cashew ricotta, confit cherry tomato, pisto with spinach and sunflower seeds, pistachio and nutritional yeast.

Mapo tofu with fermented black bean, aubergine, Sichuan peppers, chili paste, butter bean puree and spring onion and peanut.

Gyros with pea protein, apple, artichoke, cucumber, fermented chili sauce, greens and grapefruit hummus.

Lasagne with fava bean and spinach with chive oil and capers.
Roast Portobello mushroom with pickled carrot chickpea puree.



Green salad with tamarin and peanut dressing.

Greek salad with ‘feta’ and marinated olives.

Beetroot or Chickpea hummus.

Roast potatoes with fermented chili sauce.

Avocado dip.

Fermented chili dip.



Chocolate mousse with crystalised chocolate and berries.

Poached pear with vegan mascarpone and cinnamon crumble.

Vegan cheesecake with berries and raspberry.

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